Wine label: Steps to design a luxury wine label printing template

Wine is not only used to enjoy but also as a gift, so in addition to the delicious factor, it is also necessary to have a beautiful label printing template. The following article will help you learn the steps to design luxury wine labels. 

Steps to design a wine label template

  • Learn about wines

Before coming up with ideas for designing wine labels, you need to find out information about what types of wine are available. In those categories you decide which ones to sell, from which you will design the most suitable model. When you learn, you will have an overview of the product, the printed stamp template is also beautiful and impressive to customers.

This step is considered an inspiration step to sketch and brainstorm ideas for the product’s label template. Not only that, when you want to sell a glass of wine, you also need to learn about it so that you can introduce it to customers.

  • Sketching wine label design ideas

After you have learned a lot of useful information, you need to start sketching the idea of ​​​​a label design. Labels are often designed to be both simple and luxurious, focusing on highlighting the brand logo. Do not decorate too cumbersome to confuse the eyes of the viewer. 

When buying wine, the first thing people notice is the brand, because no one wants to buy a wine whose brand is unclear. The brand design needs to be both clear and attractive to customers.

  • Design lettering on wine labels

The letters printed on the labels are also one of the factors that attract customers’ attention. The letters are arranged with a clear layout, resized to match the size of the label. Usually, the typefaces in the labels are often stylized, with a classic direction.

The background color of the label needs to support to highlight the writing in the label, so choose gentle colors that are not too eye-catching. In addition to stylized typefaces, there are also many designs to choose from basic, slightly modern typefaces.

Some notes when designing wine label printing templates

After completing the steps such as learning, sketching about the labels, etc. You also need to note a few things so that the printed label template is both beautiful and meets the design requirements. 

+ About the size of the labels: On the market, there are many different sizes of labels with shapes such as rectangles, circles, diamond shapes, etc., with a variety of designs. You need to choose the size of the label to match the size of the bottle, neither too big nor too small.

+ About the color design of the labels: In addition to the written word, color is equally important in label design. The color should be in harmony with the writing, and the design should be in accordance with the requirements of the customer. The design needs to clearly show the advantages and purposes that the business wants on the product.

+ About printing paper materials: Depending on the design requirements, there are suitable types of printing paper. Commonly used models such as decal paper, PVC printing paper, .. focus a lot on the adhesion of the material. The wine label that is firmly affixed to the product will cause more sympathy than the fragile labels.

+ About the processing after printing: When the product is finished printing, you also want it to stand out, you can’t forget the processing step after printing. To make the labels look luxurious, you should use matte lamination, glossy lamination, or UV coating, etc.

A product with a beautiful label will leave an impression in the hearts of customers, promoting purchases. Therefore, focusing on printing labels is a necessity. Hopefully the article on the steps to design a luxury wine label template  will bring you more useful information.