The Most Famous Engagement Rings Of Princesses And Stars

Crowned heads, Hollywood actresses and other wealthy personalities wear the world’s most famous engagement rings. Each of these jewels symbolizes prestigious unions of yesterday or today. Solitaire diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​or original jewelry creation, these rings testify to the tastes of the women who wear them. MEDIAM SUISSE shares with you its selection of engagement rings that adorn the ring fingers of princesses and stars. To dream and be inspired … 

Princess Engagement Rings :

If there are many engagement rings that make our eyes sparkle, it is first of all those of the princesses. From the Monegasque crown to the English crown, here are 3 of the jewels that have made the most of them. 

Grace Kelly’s Cartier Diamond :

Prince Rainier III of Monaco spent the finger of Grace Kelly set a platinum mount a diamond center emerald cut 10.47 carat and two baguette cut diamonds. This classic Cartier jewel is valued at US $ 4 million. For the record, the monarch first offered a more discreet ring before realizing that other Hollywood stars were wearing large diamonds. He then ordered another ring.

Kate Middleton’s Sapphire :

As a sign of his love, Prince William of the United Kingdom did not hesitate to offer Kate Middleton one of the most famous engagement rings. This is the splendid Garrard ring, that her father Prince Charles had given to Diana Spencer during their engagement. The white gold ring is set with an  18-carat Burmese sapphire and 14 diamonds.

Meghan Markle’s Engagement Rings :

Prince Harry also wanted to pay tribute to his mother through the ring he gave to Meghan Markle. Indeed, the yellow gold ring is surmounted by three diamonds, two of which are extracted from a brooch that belonged to Lady Di. Prince Harry designed the gem himself before asking for his engagement beauty during a romantic dinner at Kensington Palace.

Stars Engagement Rings :

When it comes to jewelry , celebrities have nothing to envy crowned heads. Actresses, singers or public figures, their rings have shone or still shine in the spotlight. 

Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond :

The American actress has married eight times and has owned a lavish collection of jewelry. The most famous of her engagement rings is without a doubt the one given to her by Richard Burton. The 33.19-carat Asscher-cut diamond sits on top of a platinum ring and is embellished with two baguettes. This unique stone nicknamed “the Krupp Diamond” has been renamed “the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”. It is now valued at US $ 8.8 million. 

Kim Kardashian’s Solitaire :

Rapper Kanye West has proposed Kim Kardashian to a tall loner. The jewel signed Lorraine Schwartz is adorned with a 15 carat diamond. It is valued between 4 and 5 million dollars.

Eva Longoria’s Ruby :

This is proof that colored stones are trendy to adorn an engagement ring. American actress Eva Longoria wears a ruby ​​surrounded by diamonds, donated by her husband José Antonio Baston. 

Beyoncé’s Precious Ring :

The planetary star sports a platinum ring set with an 18-carat emerald-cut central diamond. At US $ 5 million, this is one of the most expensive engagement rings in the world. The gem was created by Lorraine Schwartz at the behest of rapper Jay-Z.

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The Victoria Beckham Ring Collection  :

We couldn’t complete our selection of the most famous engagement rings without mentioning Victoria Beckham. The former British singer turned stylist collects gems donated by her husband, footballer David Beckham. She has indeed changed her original ring 14 times. Pear- cut diamond, yellow diamond, sapphire or emerald, Victoria almost changes her stone as she does her shirt!

Create Your Custom-Made Ring At Mediam Suisse :

How about designing the Wedding ring of your dreams at a Swiss jeweler? Alexandre Martin , diamond dealer and expert gemologist, and Ariane Janis, brand ambassador, make up the MEDIAM SUISSE team. They accompany you throughout the creation of your personalized engagement ring. 

Symbol of purity and eternity, diamonds have always been privileged. It has the advantage of matching all skin tones and all types of jewelry. The solitaire therefore remains a safe and timeless choice. 

However, in recent years, engagement rings dare color by sporting a gemstone. Emerald, ruby ​​or sapphire always have their effect. Do not hesitate to read our article on the new trendy gemstones to discover the incredible palette of nuances of jewelry gems.