Security: 5 tips on how to protect the apartment from theft?

One of the most common types of theft in the world is burglary, and Australia is no exception. According to statistics, more than 48,000 apartment robberies were registered in Australia last year alone, and this figure is growing. A security market expert and founder talk about how to protect his apartments and houses from theft and ensure a good night’s sleep for himself and his relatives.

There is a logical explanation for the growth of statistics of burglaries. 

First, it is a difficult socio-economic situation in the country, which sometimes pushes people to crimes due to a lack of means of subsistence. 

The second reason is the weak prevention of crimes and low detection by law enforcement agencies, caused by low salaries, the leakage of personnel from the law enforcement system, in particular through lustration. 

The third reason is that it is easy to sell stolen goods in our country. And the fourth – the most common – our citizens are very carefree and believe that they will avoid theft.

To summarize, we can distinguish two types of burglaries:

1. Theft without prior preparation, including jerky

2. Theft with prior preparation, also on tip.

In the first case, criminals act spontaneously. This type of theft is usually committed by low-skilled robbers, who evaluate the first-best apartment from the outside, and if they understand that it is easy to get into it, get down to business. Inside the house, these burglars spend up to 20 minutes looking for valuables, if they are not scared of anything before, and then run away with the loot.

The second type of theft is more dangerous because there are professionals. The thief knows for sure that there are values ​​inside, like sheltered housing, when the owners are not at home. These are usually experienced criminals who can, in case of force majeure, harm those who find them at the crime scene.

In both cases, the situation with sad consequences can be prevented if it is treated responsibly. Consider how you can protect your property so that criminals have no chance:

1. Installation of armored doors for security and security windows with bars

This type of protection will not save you from robbery 100%, but if you take additional measures, which we will discuss below, it is possible to avoid robbery. By the way, it is very important that the “serious” and more difficult to break the door was second, not first.

2. High-quality door locks for security

No matter how beautiful the door is, it is useless if it is equipped with a weak lock. Unfortunately, most locks on our market are just like that and break in 2-3 minutes. The most reliable lock is considered to be biometric, which will require fingerprints to open. There are also hidden locks, the key to which will be a mobile application.

3. Safes security

If you think that you will keep your values, hiding them in the most unexpected places – in clothes, in the drain tank, under the plinth – then I want to upset you. Thieves have long known all these “nicknames” and it will not be difficult to find them. It is better to store valuables in a safe but provided that it is screwed to at least two surfaces and it can not just be pulled out and taken away. The safe should also be difficult to open. According to statistics, when buying many people do not even change the standard code on the safe. Do not make this mistake and choose a complex combination.

4. Video surveillance security

This, of course, is not a method of active protection against intrusion, but video surveillance will help to find out if the intruders began to look closely at the apartment and prevent robbery by taking the necessary measures. In addition, if the theft does occur, the video from the cameras will be good proof for the police and the insurance company.

5. Security alarm

Alarm in the apartment – this is the most reliable method of protecting the apartment from burglars. While the additional means keep the focus of the criminal’s attention, not allowing the values ​​to be taken out in seconds, the rapid response team arrives at the detention center, seizes the stolen goods, waits for the owners to check and assess the damage, and hands the detainee over to the police.

When choosing a company that provides security services, pay attention to its experience in the market, as well as the number of response teams and the speed of arrival. After all, you are interested in the guards detaining the criminal while he is still there. So the higher the speed, the better.

Remember that security of apartments, fire alarms, and video surveillance – the key to your peaceful sleep and confidence in the future.

Take care of your home and live without worries!

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