Renovate a Roof: How much does it cost?

Thinking to renovate a roof, many people do not have an exact idea of ​​what the final cost of the work will be. And this lack of knowledge is what causes costs to end up exceeding the initially planned budget.

It’s also no wonder, as this is a type of structure that, when it needs to be reformed, can require a high investment. Everything will depend on the materials used, labor, suppliers, deadline, building design, among other factors.

So, if you’re thinking about renovating a roof, but don’t want to go over budget or lose in quality, then this post was made for you.

That’s right! In this article, we’ve separated some tips to let you know what makes planning more expensive, and how to calculate each phase of the work. 

Find out now how much to renovate a roof

When carrying out a renovation of this type, it is important to keep an eye on several points, even to keep the budget under control. And the first one is:

1. Coverage pattern

One of the items that end up increasing the cost to renovate a roof is in relation to the standard of coverage.

Medium and high-end ones can cost up to 30% more, while luxury ones can add up to 40% in the total value.

This is usually because high standard constructions tend to have different designs, which require specialized labor.

2. Project development

Another point that also interferes with the budget is the development of the project. This is an essential item in your construction, especially if you want to be more secure and avoid headaches in the future.

The lack of a project ends up generating a reform that does not follow an execution schedule, causing the costs to be even higher and the final result many times different from what was initially agreed.

Believe me, it’s more worthwhile to invest a little more to hire qualified professionals to develop a really suitable project, than to run the risk of having to renovate a roof again.

Nowadays, it is already possible to securely hire professionals and teams through various internet channels, such as websites, marketplaces, fan pages, among others.

3. Types of materials

When you renovate a roof, always carefully research the materials you want to use. The price range of roofs is very large depending on the type of roof chosen.

For example, enameled ceramic tiles tend to cost twice as much as traditional clay tiles. Especially if they have some kind of effect. Gutters can also vary widely.
Not to mention structural items such as beams and support posts.

This is not to say that you should always buy the cheapest stuff. What you need to do is consider cost-effectiveness. Evaluate, for example, the durability of the roof, resistance, if it offers thermal insulation, among other factors.

4. Structural problems

Another factor that needs to be taken into account to renovate a roof is the appearance of structural problems. This type of unforeseen event is very common in homes that have not had adequate planning.

Replacing beams, for example, can generate high costs, especially if the weight to be supported is very large. Another item that can also end up making your work more expensive is the emergence of infiltrations.

Normally, when problems are identified in the roof structure, it is necessary to change it completely. In this case, there is no way out, the total amount of the budget will probably double.

5. Disposal of debris

This is a detail that many people end up forgetting when renovating a roof. Obviously, the work will generate a lot of debris, especially if the entire structure is changed. To make the correct disposal, it is necessary to rent buckets. The value can vary from AU$ 26.05 to AU$ 104.19, depending on your region and the size of the bucket you want.

This is an important investment to avoid spending on fines. The incorrect disposal of debris of this kind can generate very high fines. So, to avoid this kind of problem, make the correct disposal.

How to reduce costs when renovating a roof?

Now that you know the points that need to be taken into consideration to renovate a roof, you need to think of ways to reduce expenses, but without affecting the safety and quality of the work.

With that in mind, we’ve separated some tips that can be very useful in this case. 

1. Hire a professional

By hiring a qualified professional, you will know exactly what will be needed for each stage of the work. From planning to debris removal.

Furthermore, with a specialist, you can be sure of a well-executed service.

2. Calculate the amount of materials

It’s no use buying materials just because they are on sale. This kind of attitude ends up making you buy more than necessary, and lose money.

Ideally, you sit down with the professional responsible for your work and make the exact calculation of the number of materials. Roof tiles, nails, wood, beams, gutters, survey everything.

3. Research a lot

Another precaution you need to take to fix a roof is not to go shopping right away at the first building materials store. Research a lot and make varied budgets.

This way, it will be easier to compare the cost-effectiveness of each establishment and make the best decision for your work and also for your pocket.

4. Avoid too much custom items

Custom items, such as graded enameled tiles, face up to your work. Also, if you need to buy more materials, it is more difficult and expensive to find them.

Following these tips, and taking the correct precautions when you are calculating the costs to renovate a roof, you will see that your project will be cheaper, but with the quality, you need for your renovation.

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