7 reasons why delegating your accounting to an expert is a good idea

When you are in charge of a business, which you have started yourself, it is difficult to delegate tasks to someone else. However, there are issues that consume a large part of our time and that we could entrust to experts in the field. For example, accounting.

How much time do you spend updating account books, reviewing invoices …? Have you ever made a mistake or missed an important deadline? Delegating what you do not have experience in will save you time, money and you will know, with certainty, that everything is being done as it should be.

Let’s say you spend about 10 hours a month reviewing and updating your company’s accounting and that your time has a cost of 150AUD per hour. Per month, it will cost you 1,500 aud.

However, if you hire an accounting advisor, they will spend fewer hours and will be cheaper than you. Not only will you save money, but you will also have more time to worry about your business while an expert takes care of finances.

Also, if your business is small, you may not even need to hire a full-time accounting advisor; maybe a couple of hours a week is enough.

We list 7 reasons why you should put accounting aside tomorrow and delegate to an expert:

1. It will help you develop a realistic business plan

A business plan directs the strategy of the company over a period of time. Doing it with your accounting advisor will help you create a realistic financial plan that is more likely to succeed.

accounting advisor

Having their knowledge in this period is essential if you want to ensure that the financial health of your business remains intact.

2. It will advise you on the type of company you should be and its legal structure

In the case of Australia, there are a large number of types of companies: public limited company, limited company, collective partnership, limited partnership by shares… Which one is you most interested in?

Before you search the internet or review a thousand books, why not ask an expert? You will be able to present your specific case and you will receive personalized advice adapted to your needs.

3. It will help you have more control over your finances

If you feel that you are losing control over your finances and that you need extra help, an accounting advisor (with the right technology, of course)

This figure will not only deal with day-to-day life, it will also be able to analyze other types of data and offer you interesting information on how to save expenses or get more benefits.

4. The Treasury will take care of you

At each appointment with the Treasury (which are many), your accounting advisor will do all the work for you: fill out the paperwork, present it, be aware of important dates, news and changes in the legislation …


Plus, with their knowledge, you can probably save yourself some extra money with grants, tax breaks, etc.

5. It will accompany you in the growth of your business

A new client or a big project can make your business grow overnight. An accounting advisor will accompany you in the transition, to control the expense in salaries or in offices; giving you freedom so that you can make sure that that new customer will be very satisfied.

6. He will advise you in the event that you want to buy a business or sell your own

Either of these two transactions are important decisions that should not be taken lightly. An accounting advisor can help you choose the right, or safest, path for your finances.

7. It will make your day to day easier

Not only can it help you have more control over your accounting; But also, if you both use an online billing tool, you will be connected and the exchange of information will be very easy. Find out more by visiting our services page.

accounting services

With LeVeon you will be able to make invoices in just a few clicks (using your own templates) and send them to your clients from the platform itself; upload the expense tickets with a photograph through the app and throw away the paper; receive reports; connect your banks to know the status of your accounts at all times …

And everything you do will be in view of the accounting advisor so that, without having to physically bring him papers, he can do his job.


Your accounting advisor will accompany you in every step but, above all, in the crucial moments of your business. Not only will it help you save time in managing your business, but you can also trust that everything is being done well.

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