Lawyer: How to start a career

After several years of work, it will not matter in which university and in what specialty you studied, under what circumstances you began to learn all the pros and cons of the profession of “lawyer“. Having earned an excellent reputation, you will no longer experience a shortage of earning money.

What to do at the stage of study at the university

It is important for a student seriously wanting to become a lawyer to take on all the side jobs and internships in his specialty that he can find. It is worth offering your services, initially free of charge, to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor’s office, and private legal advice.

Having received a diploma, it is important not to stop at the achieved level, but to continue to improve their qualifications by studying in special courses for lawyers. If possible, you should go to graduate school and earn a Ph.D.

While studying at a university, it is also worth trying to write articles. The ability to formulate thoughts is a quality that is necessary for people whose profession is a lawyer. Description, all the pros, and cons of the specialty are important to know in advance.

Send texts for publication to different editions. Build a portfolio and carefully store documents confirming your professional experience.

How much do lawyers earn

The initial income in the province is small: from 8 to 12 thousand dollars per month. However, at the start of a career, it is important to earn not so much money as reputation, seniority and experience of interacting with clients.

Only after several years of continuous work, young lawyers, police officers, prosecutors begin to understand all the pros and cons 

The profession of a lawyer

Having on hand the official confirmation of work experience, a young professional can become a legal adviser in a bank or a large corporation. Salary, depending on the level of professionalism and capabilities of the company, will be from 15 to 50 thousand dollars.

Having taken the position of chief or deputy chief legal department,  you can receive from 30 to 120 thousand dollars. in the province.

How to earn more

To sell their services more often and at a higher price, a lawyer needs not only to improve his professional level but also to be able to sell himself. It is important to be in the public eye: to expand the circle of acquaintances, to talk in informal conversations unobtrusively, by the way, about what exactly you do.

New clients and employers can be found at seminars, exhibitions, conferences. It is important to actively promote yourself: make speeches, express your point of view on current events, offer help.

If someone talks about a difficult situation, do not skimp on giving free, friendly advice first on how best to proceed. Any “nodding” acquaintance can become a client.

You can also significantly increase your income by developing a career as an international lawyer. By studying foreign languages ​​and the norms of international law, a competent legal expert can become a very wealthy person.

This makes the profession of a “lawyer” very attractive, the pros and cons of which are that the services of a competent specialist are always in great demand. Even if clients are willing to pay a lump sum of fees, there is not always the strength to work at night. And giving up on generous rewards is always difficult.

Benefits of working as a lawyer

There are both attractive and repulsive moments in each specialty. Let’s consider the main advantages in the legal profession.

1. An interesting thing. This work is very creative. It develops intelligence, memory, attention.

2. Prestige. It is very pleasant to write the name of any specialty in the field of legal protection on a business card. An accomplished professional lawyer can rightfully be proud of his position in society.

3. Excellent prospects. A lawyer in any industry has opportunities for development and growth.

4. A rapidly growing circle of acquaintances. It is perhaps the profession of “lawyer” that obliges me most of all to constant close and long-term contact with people. The pros and cons of this state of affairs are that, on the one hand, you get a lot of “useful” acquaintances who are ready to help, on the other hand, you have to constantly be open to communication, which is very difficult.

5. Independence. Many lawyers work for themselves, being individual entrepreneurs. They personally manage their time, both work and personal, are not required to report to their superiors and follow orders.

6. Demand. A professional lawyer with experience is always very attractive to clients.

7. For “international relations” a plus is the ability to travel without interrupting work.

Disadvantages of the specialty of a lawyer

No matter how monetary and prestigious the profession of a “lawyer” may seem, its pros and cons are equally important and, perhaps, equal.

When striving to become an expert in any branch of law, it is important to have an understanding of the disadvantages of future work:

1. The daily activity of a lawyer is associated with the execution of a large number of papers. To be able to complete office tasks in time, you need to be a methodical and consistent person, not to be afraid of boredom and routine.

2. A lawyer who is not striving for career heights, as a rule, retains a low income for the entire period of employment.

3. This work is associated with frequent stress. Defending the interests of one side, a lawyer invariably comes into conflict with the other. The work is greatly complicated by the tough deadlines dictated by the business world.

4. A private lawyer usually does not have a guaranteed monthly income. You have to work hard to find clients.

5. Lawyers in the civil service (government, prosecutor’s office, police, FSB) usually have irregular working hours. Many employees are required to carry out night shifts.

6. Persons working in law enforcement bodies have to endanger their lives and health.

7. Lawyers in the field of criminal law are obliged to regularly communicate with asocial elements and visit prisons, in whose premises a difficult atmosphere reigns.


We hope that after reading the article, it became clearer for you what the profession of “lawyer” is, what the pros and cons are inherent in it.

When looking for a calling, be sure to listen to your intuition. Beware of following good advice from third parties if you feel that the path suggested by them does not work for you.

When deciding which profession to choose, remember that only those people who do what they love to achieve great success in life.