How to choose a pink diamond

The pink diamond is the stone linked to the month of April. How to choose a diamond or a jewel with stone? Here are 9 tips to avoid bad surprises ♦ ︎

For gift or for an investment: a jewel with one or more pink diamonds is often considered the safest choice. But beware: in addition to identifying the type of jewelry that you want to get, and pink diamond in most cases it is a ring, it is necessary to avoid the most common mistakes. Here, then, 9 tips to avoid mistakes in the choice of a jewel with diamond.

pink diamond

1 Choose a retailer with a good reputation
It is more difficult than a well-known jeweler tries to offer a poor quality diamond or that do not match the description of what you are selling. The reputation of a jeweler is very similar to that of a bank: no one want do a business if he had a suspicion of making a risky operation.

2 Check the 4C
Clarity, cut, color and carats are the pink diamond four attributes that determine the value of a diamond .

3 Ask a certification
Of course, it is necessary that all the characteristics of the diamond are certified by an impartial body. For diamonds, a certification trusted internationally is by Gia, the American gemological institute. But there are others, such as the Diamond High Council (HRD, the Hoge Raad voor Diamant), or the certificate Gemological Institute International (IGI). Do not buy a diamond without a certificate.

4 The cut
It is a mistake to think that color and clarity of a diamond are more important than cut. Another important feature, capable of conditioning the cost of a stone, is the type of cut. Pink diamond It is perhaps the most difficult aspect to consider if you are not an expert. But, for example, a diamond with a cut that is too deep will make a lower main surface of the stone with respect to the weight. The result is that less shine. A well cut diamond will also be easier to sell in the future and will produce a more intense reflected light. In addition, the type of cutting also influence the perception of the color of the diamond.

pink diamond

5 Alone or with others?
It’s better buy a pink diamond mounted on a jewel, or a single stone to be preserved in the bank? Maybe the right thing is neither one nor the other. There is a third solution: buying a single diamond, already cut, so as to observe well the proportions, and then do it mounted on a jewel. In this way there is the guarantee that the non-visible part of the jewel is ok, and the more you can wear the jewel.

6 Colourless or fancy?
For some years the prices of colored diamonds are on the rise. But choosing a colored diamond is more difficult, even if the certification, which specifies the type and the degree of color, helps. In general, the more the color is vivid, the more the price goes up.

7 Better a neutral light
In a jewelry store, small spotlights pink diamond focus light on the jewelry. The purpose is enhance the reflections of the diamonds that shine more. But you can ask to observe the diamond with a neutral light, as happens in normal life situations. You will get an idea of ​​how can be shining the stone you want to buy.

8 A different idea
Although the diamond that you are offered looks fantastic, spend a few minutes in two or three other jewelers store: jewelry and compare prices is always the right thing to do.

9 Ask for a guarantee
Many jewelers offer a guarantee on the pink diamond stone you are buying. Do not be ashamed to ask for it: grant it is also a great advertisement for the same jewelers.