Engagement ring: What is the difference between a regular and a wedding ring

Physically, an engagement ring differs from ordinary jewelry in its sleek shape. Such a wedding product is made precisely so that it can be worn for a very long time, and the accessory itself does not cause discomfort with daily wear.

Ordinary accessories can be of the most varied shapes and sections. It all depends on the designer, jeweler, and the amount of money you are willing to spend on jewelry. Such products do not involve daily wear, so they can be heavy, sharp, or unnecessarily large.

By the way, according to signs, wedding and ordinary jewelry are also different. You’ve probably heard that it is forbidden for young girls to give both an engagement ring and a wedding ring to strangers. Because someone can envy the young lady and bring trouble. But simple rings can be given to someone and vilified. This will not add to your problems and, unfortunately, will not diminish. Of course, if the jewelry is not lost or stolen.

Choosing the size of the engagement ring

There are several easy ways to find an engagement ring. Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • The easiest option is to go to a jewelry store and try on several engagement rings in a row. Choose the one in which you are most comfortable.

When choosing an engagement ring size, keep in mind that in winter, the size of your finger is slightly smaller than in summer, so if you bought a ring that is a little too big for you in the warm season, remember that on cold days you can easily lose it.

  • If you can’t go to the store in any way, and the engagement rings already had to be bought yesterday, then measure the size of your finger with a thread right at the base of the finger and on the bone, calculate the average value and go to the store with it.

Should wedding rings be the same

The people say that the wedding rings of the spouses must be the same since these jewelry are a symbol of family unity, peace, compromise, the desire to be something one. Therefore, in our country, they rarely even think about buying various wedding rings.

Some more demanding ladies prefer engagement rings with inlays, for example, diamonds. Men, due to their practicality, rarely choose this type of jewelry with stones. This distinction is perfectly acceptable in the modern world.

But according to signs, spouses must have the same rings, otherwise, it is believed that people in a couple will have different fates and they can scatter. Believe it or not, is everyone’s business.

Where is the best place to buy wedding rings

Of course, like any jewelry, it is better to buy jewelry in reputable, trusted stores. Yes, you always want to buy cheaper, but believe me, the prices for good jewelry within one country will not differ dramatically. These are not slippers or buckwheat by weight.

And good quality wedding rings, of course, will not be cheap. Here you can see the assortment of one of the country’s leading jewelry stores.

And believe me, it’s better not to save on wedding rings . It is better to buy exactly what you like. And all because with this decoration you will spend, well, as planned, your whole life. Why wear every day that piece of jewelry that you simply do not like or will remind you that there was not enough money for what you really wanted?

What about engraving: what are the options

Engraving on a wedding ring has become very popular today. Moreover, the inscription is performed both on the outer side of the ring for everyone to see, and on the inner side. You can invent anything you want here: after all, such an inscription will make your ring unique and unique in the whole world.

Traditional ring inscriptions :

  • wedding date (a quite appropriate engraving, especially for men, so as not to forget when to congratulate your beloved);
  • date of acquaintance;
  • initials;
  • promises of eternal love in some foreign language, for example, “I love you, I promise” or “You are in my heart forever”;
  • words from your joint song that will play at the wedding.

However, think about it yet here on such things:

  1. If the ring is engraved, then it will be much more difficult to reduce or increase its size.
  2. When making an inscription on the outside of the ring, be very careful when polishing it, as any mechanical impact can damage the engraving.
  3. Also, remember that the engraving on the outside of the ring makes it look a little easier. Such a product does not look as elegant as ordinary jewelry.

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