Electrician, Hiring one requires precautions

To deal with electrical problems at home, the best thing to do is to rely on the services of a professional. Tinkering with electrical installations is a serious thing, mainly because electrical systems have very high technologies, which can complicate the life of an inexperienced or outdated electrician. In the case of problems of this nature, it is best not to try to solve them on your own, but to rely on specialized help.

However, it is important to hire a qualified electrician, who knows what you are doing and does not jeopardize your safety and that of your family. The detail is that it is not an easy task to hire a good electrician, because without always the really qualified professionals are available.

The most important recommendation is to avoid hiring a “do it all” (for example, someone who claims to play the role of a plumber, bricklayer, and electrician), as the chances of having to redo the service or fall short of what is desired.

Quality first

Give preference to the quality of the work, not the price. It is essential to ask questions before hiring a good electrician – but before that, you need to be aware of your real needs.

This does not mean that you need to understand the technical part, but it is necessary to know that, for all activities that require technical knowledge, there are also standards that guarantee standardization, functionality, and, especially, safety. When hiring an electrician without the proper qualifications, your property will be subject to great risks. Another issue is that the work will not be in accordance with the most recent norm in this area, the National Electric Code. An outdated electrician will not be able to perform activities in accordance with these rules.

But what are the dangers of poorly made electrical installations? They offer innumerable risks and can cause several losses, such as shocks in the shower, insufficient sockets, fluctuations in lighting, an increase in the electric bill, and even fires.

Therefore, we have listed some recommendations to avoid deficient electrical installations, as electricity is a delicate subject and must be treated with great care.

To hire an electrician

1 – Search
Search for several professionals. Give preference to companies with headquarters, business address, and invoice; 

2 – Registration
Ask for professional registration, be wary of those who “do everything”, that is, guarantee that they dominate several areas of work; 

3 – Technical standard
Be suspicious if the electrician you intend to hire has never heard of this; 

4 – References
Find out about the quality of previous services. It is important to evaluate the services already performed by the professional, checking the details, the caprice, the organization, and the efficiency of the facilities. A good professional, for sure, will have good references; 

5 – Companies
If you have to hire a company to perform the service, only do it with a supplier that has its headquarters, business address, and issues invoices. This represents a seriousness on the part of the contractor;

6 – Values
Be wary if the professional charges are very cheap for the services. Research carefully the values ​​practiced in the market; 

7 – Invoice
Require the electrician’s document. This is an extra guarantee to avoid poor quality electrical services. When generating an invoice, the professional demonstrates seriousness, and competence;

8 – Care
When hiring any service at your home, inquire in advance about the suitability of the company or person who will provide the service. Avoid professionals who ask questions unrelated to the contracted service. Make sure someone accompanies the service, even if it is only outside. If it is inside the residence, hide valuables.

Conquer your clientele

Safety standards, technical and theoretical part need to be passed on in professional courses. Professionals must be qualified as well as the learning space. With a certificate in hand and a lot of acquired knowledge you will have a certain extra income. After investing in knowledge, invest in showing your work, looking for customers and working seriously.

Once a loyal clientele is created, they will refer you to others. That way your extra income per month will be guaranteed with repair work and installations.

You can ask for tips from people who are already in the market and have a network of contacts between professionals. That way you will be more visible to employers in the construction industry, and get longer jobs.

Another advantage of seeking extra income working as an electrician is that you can do this in your spare time, without disturbing your daily work routine. On weekends you can carry out quick repairs or installations without disturbing your chores.

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